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  • Solar Panel
    Mono/Perc/Half cell/Bifacial PV Panel/shingled panels.
  • Solar System
    on grid, off grid and hybrid battery storage system for home use
  • Solar Inverter
    Grid-tied string inverter 1.5KW-110KW, energy storage inverter 3KW-12KW, grid-tied micro inverter 300W-2000W
  • Energy Storage Battery
    Catl cells long warranty lithium battery for storage system
CSG ENERGY CO.,LIMITED is technological and manufacturing leadership in solar cells, and modules underscores our commitment to helping accelerate the clean energy transition. By offering high-quality, reliable products, we provide holistic solutions for the solar and renewables industry.

Backed by advanced technologies, our modules feature excellent power ratings and top conversion efficiencies, and can be used across all market segments. Our field-proven bifacial modules deliver added performance benefits and long-term reliability.

Providing the foundation for PERC/TOPCON/HJT solar cells, our market-leading, high-quality silicon wafers offer top performance.

Customer value is at the core of CSG ENERGY’s philosophy, Our Team will be standby within 24hours to provide instant contact.
Factory Scene
Factory SceneCSG ENERGY has the most advanced automatic production equipment in the world, to use of strict production technology and quality control system to ensure the quality of manufactured products perfect.Powerful storage and delivery
CSG ENERGY's Solar Panel had been obtained Global Certificaiton from Renown LaboratoryISO,TUV, CE, CQC, UL, CEC, ect
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    CSG ENERGY CO.,LIMITED has become one of the world's leading power plant developers and component builders, with sal···

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    Integrity, efficiency, innovation and transcendence.Customer first, believe in partners, develop together, and achieve r···

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